Missoula Bicycle Riders & Exposure to Significant Risk of Injury

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2017 | Personal Injury, Vehicle Accidents

Bicycling as a mode of transportation is on the rise.  (That is a good thing!)  In fact, the number of U.S. workers who commute to work via bicycle is rising faster than any other mode of transportation.  In the City of Missoula, home of the University of Montana, bicycling is a popular means of commuting to work, school, and everywhere in between.  Missoula city departments and local agencies continue to promote bicycling by developing our roads and trails to accommodate bicycle travel.  Missoula currently has over 22 miles of off-street trails and 40 miles of on-street bike lanes.

While cycling is a popular mode of transportation because it is efficient and is a healthy way to get around, bike riders sharing the roadway with motor vehicle traffic may be exposed to a significant risk of injury.

Many bicycle versus car crashes result from automobile drivers’ negligent and reckless actions, including failure to yield the right-of-way to cyclists.  In one case, Paoli Law Firm represented a bicyclist hit by a motor vehicle that failed to yield the right-of-way and recovered $130,000 in damages on behalf of our client.  In Montana, bicyclists have all of the rights and privileges as motor vehicle drivers.  They are also subject to all of the duties applicable to the driver of a motor vehicle.  To prevent motor vehicle versus bicycle crashes, motorists and bicyclists alike must follow and respect Montana laws.

Although Montana state law does not require bicyclists of any age to wear a helmet, wearing protective gear may prevent severe injuries.  Bicyclists are no match for an automobile and consequently, in the event of a crash, bicyclists often suffer serious injuries or death resulting from crashes with cars and trucks. Common bike crash injuries include:

·         Head and brain injuries

·         Neck injuries

·         Back injuries

·         Broken bones or fractures

·         Abrasions and bruising

·         Internal injuries

Bicycle riders involved in a crash with a car or truck should seek medical attention immediately to address their injuries.

If you are injured in a bicycle accident resulting from the negligence of another, you may be entitled to compensation for your personal injuries resulting from the accident, including:

·         Medical expenses.

·         Lost wages.

·         Pain and Suffering.

·         Property damages.

·         Other losses.

As a victim of a bicycle v. car crash, it is important to have an experienced Missoula bicycle accident attorney on your side.  Paoli Law Firm is dedicated to helping bicycle accident victims obtain the compensation they deserve. Call us today to discuss your claim: 406-542-3330