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Paoli & Leisher, in Conjunction with the Montana Attorney General's Office, Bring a Lawsuit Against Tobacco Over the $43+ Million Owed that the Tobacco Companies Are Refusing to Pay Montana.

Attorney General Tim Fox announced April 13, 2020, that his office filed suit in Lewis and Clark County District Court to hold several tobacco companies accountable for millions of dollars owed to Montana under the 1998 Master Settlement Agreement.

Should I Settle My Car Accident Claim?


If you are a car crash victim, you may be pressured to make decisions you are not prepared to make.  You will be faced with many complex issues such as medical care and legal matters.  The insurance company for the person that caused the crash may offer you a cash settlement for your damages.  Such an offer may leave you wondering if the insurance company's settlement offer is fair and enough to compensate you for your medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, pain, emotional distress, and disruptions to your life. 

Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver Fatigue & Hours of Operation

FMCSA handbook.png

In 2018, more than 1600 Montana crashes involved commercial motor vehicles (CMVs).  The most common cause of truck accidents is fatigue by overworked drivers.  These crashes have resulted in death, catastrophic injuries and immense damages to innocent people. 

Truckers face many pressures such as strict delivery schedules to distribute goods across Montana and the United States.  Consequently, truckers often work long hours with continuous driving and in adverse driving conditions.  If adequate breaks and rest are not taken, truckers can become fatigued, in turn putting the safety of other motorists and the public at risk. 

What is the Montana Medical Legal Panel?


When a patient is injured as a result of a Montana doctor's error or medical malpractice, they may be entitled to seek monetary compensation.  However, before a medical malpractice lawsuit can be filed with the court, as a prerequisite, the case must be presented to the Montana Medical Legal Panel. 

The purpose of the Montana Medical Legal Panel is to:

"prevent, where possible, the filing in court of actions against health care providers and their employees for professional liability in situations where the facts do not permit at least a reasonable inference of malpractice and to make possible the fair and equitable disposition of such claims against health care providers as are or reasonably may be well founded."

Montana Code Annotated §27-6-102.

2018 Motor Vehicle Crash Statistics - Valuable Information for 2019-2020

A large number of vehicles travel along Montana's extensive and often challenging roadways every day.  With this comes inherent dangers whether you are a driver or passenger in a motor vehicle.  While it may be easy to assume that you are at little risk of being involved in a crash or that the risk increases in snowy and icy conditions, you may be surprised.  All it takes is a single incident out of your control to cause major or even fatal injuries.    

Paoli Law Firm, PC Represents Montana Residential Boarding School Abuse Victims

While residential boarding schools in Montana have been around for a while, these programs have recently been brought to the forefront following revelations related to allegations of serious physical and psychological mistreatment of children, sexual abuse of children, and unqualified personnel and counselors. 


A federal court jury in San Francisco awarded more than $80 million to a man who used Roundup for more than 26 years before being diagnosed with terminal cancer.  The six-member jury awarded the man $200,000 for economic damages and more than $5 million for pain and suffering.  An additional $75 million was awarded in punitive damages by the jury, finding that the Monsanto Co. had acted with "malice or oppression" in concealing the legal dangers of Roundup - the world's most widely used herbicide.  

Roundup® Lawsuits: Thousands of Montana Farmers & Landscapers Could Be At Risk

Farmers, agricultural workers, landscapers, and others across the country who use the popular weed killer Roundup have become ill in recent years. Some have even died. Coincidence? A Northern California groundskeeper who developed terminal cancer after using the world's most popular herbicide didn't think so. Neither did the San Francisco jury that ordered Roundup's manufacturer, Monsanto (recently acquired by Bayer) to pay $78 million in damages. Most recently, on March 19, 2019, a federal jury in San Francisco found Roundup was a substantial factor in causing a California man's cancer. After five days of deliberation over the scientific evidence presented at trial, the six-person jury unanimously concluded that the man had developed non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL) from exposure to the weed killer. The trial on liability and damages will now move forward.


Car accident claims are often very time-consuming and complex.  Insurance companies have extensive resources, complex software programs, and experienced claims adjusters and investigators working on their behalf.  To ensure your claim is managed properly and that you receive the maximum recovery possible, you or someone on your behalf must have claims experience, knowledge of Montana laws, resources, and organizational skills.

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