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Car accident claims are often very time-consuming and complex.  Insurance companies have extensive resources, complex software programs, and experienced claims adjusters and investigators working on their behalf.  To ensure your claim is managed properly and that you receive the maximum recovery possible, you or someone on your behalf must have claims experience, knowledge of Montana laws, resources, and organizational skills.

Many car accidents are not “accidents” at all.  Careless, reckless, inattentive, or impaired driving are not “accidents.”  The crashes and injuries these irresponsible actions produce are the result of conscious, albeit very poor, decisions being made by the person causing the “accident” – crash.

At Paoli Law Firm we have over 65 collective years of experience representing car crash victims.  When we take on your case we immediately get to work.  We contact the insurance company and request that all communication regarding your claim be done through our office.  We work diligently and resourcefully to obtain essential evidence and documentation to build the strongest case possible for you.  Often, claim documentation and medical records exceed hundreds, and even thousands of pages.

Our experienced attorneys and staff organize all the documents and information from medical expenses, out-of-pocket payments, and insurance payments to ensure that you are compensated for all your damages.  Throughout the claims process, we communicate with the insurance company and ensure that complete records are provided to it and that you receive compensation.

Some of the documentation Paoli Law Firm will gather and process on your behalf includes the following:

1.   Insurance Information

It is essential to know what insurance coverage is available to you after an automobile accident.  Once insurance policies are identified, Paoli Law Firm will file your insurance claim(s) and work with the insurance adjusters to obtain verification of motor vehicle insurance coverage and the policies themselves.  Paoli Law Firm will evaluate the language of the insurance policy and Montana laws to recover the compensation you are entitled to.  This may include compensation from the at-fault person’s insurance as well as your own automobile insurance policy(ies).

Your health insurance may also pay for medical expenses related to your car accident injuries.  Provide your attorney with your health insurance card as well as any Explanations of Benefits (EOBs) you receive from your health insurance company.  Paoli Law Firm will work with your health insurance company to maximize your recovery.

2.   Missoula Car Accident Report

The Missoula Police Department and Montana Highway Patrol may not investigate accidents unless they are called immediately.  Accordingly, it is important that you report the crash as soon as possible and request an officer to respond to the scene and prepare a report.

The crash report will include important information for your insurance claim.  Information contained in the police report includes date, time, and location of the crash, the responding officer’s opinion about how the crash occurred, whether any citations were issued, statements from witnesses, weather conditions, and a diagram of the crash scene.

Police reports are confidential and may only be released to individuals involved in the car accident or with written permission from an involved party.  Paoli Law Firm will obtain a copy of the Crash Investigator’s Report on your behalf.

3.   Pictures

Visual representations are very helpful to supplement reports and records to provide a better understanding your claim.  If you are able, take pictures of the damaged vehicles, any personal items damaged as a result of the crash, and of any injuries and bruising you have from the wreck.

4.   Medical Bills & Records

If you were hurt and received medical treatment resulting from the crash, keep a copy of your medical bills and records.  These records will provide useful information related to your injuries such as the amount charged, your doctor’s name, the diagnosis made, medications prescribed, and plan of care.

Medical records can be voluminous, especially if your injuries are severe and require ongoing treatment with multiple medical providers.  It is not uncommon for car crash victims to have thousands of pages of medical records.  Retrieving complete medical records is expensive and time consuming.  Paoli Law Firm will obtain our client’s medical bills and records directly from doctors.  When we receive the records, we review them in detail, organize them, and provide relevant records to the insurance company for consideration and payment.  We will organize all of your bills and records, develop detailed reports outlining your medical expenses, and ensure that your medical bills are paid by the responsible party.

5.   Records Supporting Lost Wages

If the crash caused you to miss work, you may be able to recover reimbursement for lost income.  Detailed supporting documentation is necessary for your lost wage claim.  Lost wage documentation includes, but is not limited to, paycheck stubs, tip records, records showing hours normally worked prior to the crash, a written statement from your employer, and doctors’ prescriptions to refrain from work.  If you are self-employed additional documentation may be required.

6.   Property Damage Estimates and Proof of Vehicle Value

Most likely your vehicle was damaged in the crash.  If so, you may be entitled to have your vehicle repaired at the expense of the at-fault party.  Keep all estimates from auto body shops outlining the necessary repairs to fix your vehicle.  If your vehicle is severely damaged or a total loss, documentation supporting the fair market value of your vehicle at the time of the crash may be necessary.

When the time comes to resolve your car accident claim, you will have likely finished your medical treatment, or you will be close to it.  A demand letter with supporting documents will need to prepared and submitted to the insurance company.  Depending on the complexity of your injuries and damages, the complete demand letter package may be hundreds or thousands of pages.  At Paoli Law Firm we prepare a detailed demand letter outlining your damages resulting from the car accident and organize all the supporting documentation for easy reference.

It is important to have an experienced car accident lawyer advocating on your behalf so you receive the maximum recovery possible for your injuries and damages.  Paoli Law Firm has the experience, skills, and resources to make sure car accident victims get the compensation they are entitled to.  Being in a car accident is stressful.  While our clients focus on recovering from their injuries, Paoli Law Firm will focus on the car accident insurance claim.

If you are injured in a car accident, call Paoli Law Firm at 406-542-3330 for your free consultation.  We represent car accident victims throughout Montana.