Interstate 90 – High Crash Corridor in Mineral County, Montana

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2014 | Personal Injury, Semi Truck Accidents, Vehicle Accidents, Wrongful Death

Highway driving, as everyday and simple as it always seems, can be dangerous business.  Some roadways are especially dangerous. Highway statistics reveal these places as “High Crash Corridors.” These are roadways with statistically high concentrations of crashes.One of Montana’s “High Crash Corridors” identified by the Traffic and Safety Bureau (TBS) for 2012 includes the Interstate 90 corridor from Superior to Haugan in Mineral County.  The 15+ mile stretch of roadway runs from approximate mile post 21 to 36.5.  The severity rate for this stretch of roadway is higher than any other stretch of roadway on Interstate 90 in Montana.According to crash data from 2007 through 2011, there were 332 crashes resulting in a total of 27 incapacitating injuries or deaths on this section of Interstate 90 in Mineral County.  Similar crash data from 2004-2008 for a 32 mile stretch of roadway from mile post 16.5 to 48.9 in Mineral County reveals 658 crashes with 85 incapacitating injuries or fatalities.Statistics reported by the Montana Highway Patrol reveal 202 crashes in Mineral County in 2012 resulting in 3 deaths, 54 injuries, and 145 crashes involving property damage.  In 2014 the Montana Highway Patrol reported a total of 326 crashes in Mineral County resulting in 1 death, 88 injuries, and 237 crashes involving property damage.