Which Right Would You Sacrifice?

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2013 | Firm News

Our co-counsel Kirsten Pabst lays it out:

Which right would you give up to end violence against women and children? Having experienced the reeling effects of violence personally and witnessed unimaginable pain in victims of sexual and violent abuse over the course of 18 years as a prosecutor, I have given the topic much thought. And now, after defending a young man whom I believe to have been falsely accused and invoking his right to trial by jury of his peers, the question has become very personal. For defending my client against a charge with a potential sentence of life imprisonment, I have been demonized by former colleagues, ostracized by the women’s rights groups I joined decades ago, expelled from collaborative teams designed to make the process more responsive and efficient, and unfriended by those who claim to care about justice.