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Free Safer Bus App

If you' re planning a bus trip there's more to consider than just the price of your ticket. Safety should be not only your top priority, but the bus company's top priority as well.  Before you book your ticket you can easily download the SaferBus App and make a more informed decision about what bus company to do business with.  This App, developed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), allows users to easily access a bus company's safety performance record or file a complaint, among other features outlined below.  The mobile application provides 24/7 access to essential safety information for bus companies.

Features of SaferBus

  • Alerts consumers to illegal bus companies that should not be operating, do not have valid U.S. DOT operating authority, and/or do not comply with insurance requirements.

  • Check safety performance records and get access to up to 24 months of safety performance data.

  • Check the bus company's safety rating.

  • Report a Complaint.


We downloaded the App (available for both Iphone and Android).  Here's what we found.

To search you only need to enter the company name, DOT number or MC number.

We searched "Greyhound Lines, Inc" (Greyhound).  In less than a minute, we learned that Greyhound operates 1368 motorcoaches.  Greyhound's Unsafe Driving on-road performance basic percentile is 32.5, meaning that it performed worse than 32.5% of the companies in the group.  The App also allows users to obtain the on-road performance basic percentile in other categories including hours of service, driver fitness, controlled substance/alcohol, and vehicle maintenance.

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